Different Statuses of an IDP

The status of an IDP refers to the current stage or progress of an IDP toward its completion.

The following are the different statuses of an IDP:

  • Not Started
  • Active
  • On Hold
  • Completed
Status Description
Not Started The "Not Started" status indicates that employees have not yet made any progress toward their IDP and may need additional support or guidance to get started.
Active The "Active" status indicates that employees are currently engaged in working on it, and are proactively monitoring their progress toward milestones outlined in the IDP and taking necessary steps to accomplish them.
On Hold The "On Hold" status indicates that the IDP is temporarily paused, and it should eventually be moved back to "Active" status when employees are ready to resume pursuing their IDP.
Completed The "Completed" status indicates that the IDP has been successfully achieved, and employees have completed all of the milestones outlined in the IDP.