Role Of Skip Level Manager (SLM)

Navigation: Admin>Performance>Cycle>Create Cycle>Process Configuration

  • You can enable skip level manager in your review process from the 'Process Configuration' section of cycle creation.
  • You can enable the skip level manager in review process to:

         1. Approve Review 

         2. Edit Manager Review

  • You can select either of the options(Approve Review or Edit Manager Review) or both.slm_112.png
  • When you select ‘Approve Review’ the skip level manager can either ‘Approve’ or 'Rollback' the manager’s review, allowing the reporting manager to re-submit their review.SLM_APPROVE.png
  • When you select ‘Edit Manager Review’ the skip level manager can edit the manager review, and approve it.
  • Skip level managers can only edit the ratings and comments in the manager review.SLM_APPROVAL_2.png
  • When you select both 'Approve Review' and 'Edit Manager Review' the skip level manager can approve and edit the manager ratings and comments, and roll back the manager's review if required.

NOTE: Skip level manager cannot edit Manager Recommendations.