Add and Manage Goals in Review Form (Goals Transfer)

The transfer of goals cannot be done automatically, you need to manually add the goals and comments in the review form as per your requirement. 

  • You can add or manage goals only when the goal module integration is enabled by the admin in the performance template settings.gt1.png
  • When the goal module integration is enabled, the employee who submits their self-review can add their goals manually to the review form.gt2.png
  • click add to add the goals by selecting the goals you want to transfer into the review form and then click submit.gt3.png
  • click manage goals to edit/delete the goals you have added into the review form and then click submit.gt4__1_.png
  • The manager can also edit or delete the goals added to the review form after the employee has submitted the review by clicking on Manage.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force.png


Adding/Editing/Deleting goals will unlock the employee review and rollback the status to 'pending' employee submissions. This allows employees to modify their previous submission and resubmit. Employee submissions will be visible to Managers and HR only after the employee resubmits the modified review.