Create Pivot Table from Exported Survey Results Using Microsoft Excel

You can create pivot tables from survey results using Google Sheets as well as Microsoft Excel. 

  • You can create a pivot table by exporting all the survey results first.

Navigation: Admin>surveys>responses

  • Click Grid view and then export the results by clicking the overflow menuHow-to-create-pivot-table-from-exported-sing-Microsoft-Excel-Engagedly-Help.png
  • Open the exported file in Microsoft Excel to start creating the pivot table. Now, select the entire result and then go to insert and click pivot table.me1.png
  • Select New Work Sheet to create a new pivot table and then click ok.me2.png
  • Go to Pivot table field and select questions to insert questions into the pivot table.
  • You can also add response, respondent, type, follow-up question response, and submitted on data to the pivot table.me4.png
  • To insert the related responses to the table, select response under pivot table field.me3.png
  • To insert the total number of respondents for each response into the table, drag respondents from the pivot table field to the value section.gt5.png
  • To add the response percentage for a particular response by drag respondents again into the value section, click count of respondents, select value field settings and then change the response show as from no calculation  to % of grand total.last.png