Actions of Different Participants in the Performance Review Cycle

In the performance review cycle, the different participants involved are Employee, Manager, Delegate Reviewer, Skip-Level Manager, Additional Reviewer, and HR/Site Admin.

The entire performance review cycle is driven by the HR/Site Admin. While creating the cycle, HR/Site Admin can control the following actions under Process Configuration:

  • Rollback employee reviews for editing.
  • Employee and manager can review parallelly or the manager reviews after the employee submits.
  • Make manager review visible to the employee.
  • Skip-Level manager capabilities either edit the manager's review or approve or both.
  • Assign templates to the employees.
  • Ability to invite additional reviewers.
  • Ability to invite delegate reviewers.
  • Request resolution if the employee is not happy with the manager's review.
  • Enable sign-off to the employee and manager and HR/Site Admin.

The following are the actions of different participants in the performance review cycle:

  1. Employee can
  • Self-review
  • View the submitted review
  • View past reviews
  • Overall rating/Comments
  • Request resolution (based on the permission given by HR/Site Admin)
  • Sign-off (based on the permission given by HR/Site Admin)
  1. Manager can
  • Review and comment on team members’ performance
  • View past reviews of the team members
  • Assign template (based on the permission given by HR/Site Admin)
  • Share template (based on the permission given by HR/Site Admin)
  • Overall rating/Comments
  • Sign-off (based on the permission given by HR/Site Admin)
  1. Delegate Reviewer can
  • Perform all the actions as the manager does.

Note: The delegate reviewer is involved when

  • The HR/Site Admin delegates the review process.
  • The immediate manager delegates the review when the manager has moved to another team/department or is busy with other project work or on a sabbatical or left the organization.
  1. Skip-Level Manager (SLM) can
  • View the manager’s and employee’s ratings and comments
  • However, edit the manager’s review and approve the review
  1. Additional Reviewer can
  • Add comments only

Note: Additional Reviewer is involved only if the HR/Site Admin wants an extra review for a particular employee.

  1. HR/Site Admin can
  • Create cycle
  • Add users to the cycle
  • Create template
  • Assign template
  • Share template
  • Track the review completion
  • Overall comments
  • Sign-off
  • Lock the review