Download Performance Review Pdf as an Admin

An admin can download the performance review pdf to get the self-review of an employee along with the manager's review if manager's review is included while exporting the pdf.

To download the performance review pdf for an individual user:

Please navigate to: Admin > Performance > Manage

Step 1: Click View Form to see the review form, which contains both the employee and manager's review.__.png

Step 2: To export the review, Click overflow menu and select export as pdf.NEW__1_.png

Step 3: From the drop down menu, Select the Paper Size to export in Letter Size/A1/A2/A3/A4 format and click EXPORT.

Step 4: Select include Manager's Review if you want to export manager's review along with the employee review.JJ.png

To download the performance review pdf for multiple users,

Please navigate to: Admins > Performance > Manage

Step 1: click actions to start exporting the review pdf for multiple users.mm5__1_.png

Step 2: Select Export Review PDF and then click SELECT.__.png

Step 3: Select multiple users and click EXPORT to export review pdf for multiple users.8-1-.png