Make 9-Box Performance Rating Scale Visible in the Performance Cycle Settings

The 9-Box Performance Rating Scale is visible when the Rating Scale is enabled in the performance cycle option.

Navigate to Admin > Performance > Cycles > Create Cycle > Rating Scale 

Step 1: To make 9-Box Performance Rating Scale visible, Enable "Rating Scale".RS-O01.png

Step 2: The Rating Scale Type is determined by "Numeric Rating or Verbal Rating" once the Rating Scale is enabled.RS-002.png

Step 3: To determine ratings in numeric, select "Numeric Rating" and the Rating Scale will appear.RS-003.png

Numeric Rating Scale:numeric-rating-o01.png

Step 4: To determine ratings in verbal, select "Verbal Rating".RS-004.png

Verbal Rating Scale:verbal-rating-001.png Step 5: The "9-Box Performance Rating Scale (x-axis)" will be available in the Review Form Section below the 9-Box Potential Rating Scale (y-axis) once the Rating Scale is configured.9-0404.png