Performance Email Notifications for a Manager/Skip-Level Manager/Delegated Reviewer/Additional Reviewer

A reviewer/skip-level manager/delegated reviewer/additional reviewer will receive performance notification via email when the following event happens in the organization:


  • When performance review template is assigned to an employee (parallel review).PR1.png
  • Automatic reminder sent to managers when the employee self-review end date is passed (sequential review).

  • When the employee submits their self-review (sequential review).PR2.png
  • Automatic reminders to complete the manager review for their direct reports.PR3.png
  • When HR submits the review for an employee.
  • When performance review is unlocked for a direct report.PR7.png
  • When HR unlocks manager review for an employee.
  • When Sign-off action is pending for direct
  • When performance review template is locked for an employee.PR10.png
  • When the skip-level manager approves manager review.PR11.png
  • When manager tries to download performance review PDF from the team dashboard.PR12.png
  • When manager tries to download performance area report from the team dashboard.PR13.png

Additional Reviewer

  • When an employee is added as an additional reviewer for someone.PR-AD1.png

Skip Level Manager

  • When manager submits his/her manager review and it goes for approval from the Skip-level Manager.
  • When the skip-level manager review is unlocked.

Delegated Reviewer

  • When the manager review is delegated to someone.PR-DR1.png
  • When the Sign-off action is pending for delegated reviews.
    Delegated Sign-Off Email