360 Feedback Email Notifications for an HR/Admin

An HR/Admin will receive 360 Feedback notification via email when the following event happens in the organization:

  • When the start date is live to nominate reviewers for 360 Feedback.360fbhr1.png
  • Automatic reminder to complete the 360 Feedback nominations before the due date.360fbhr2.png
  • When the 360 Feedback nominations for your organization is not finalized.360fbhr3.png
  • When the 360 Feedback nominations is declined (if he/she is the nominator).360fbhr4.png
  • When 360 Feedback requires overall comment and rating for employees of the organization.360fbhr5.png
  • When 360 Feedback cycle date is going to end.
  • When HR initiates export for combined 360 Feedback review as a pdf.360fbhr7.png