Rating Scale in Cycle Settings

Rating Scale Types

Numeric Rating Scale: Numeric rating scale allows the employees and managers to submit their ratings in the form of numbers. When it is enabled the employees and managers can see the numeric rating in the overall rating of the review form.

Verbal Rating Scale: Verbal Ratings are used when Admin does not want employees/managers to see the numeric rating and just wants them to see the verbal definition in the overall rating of the review form. When the Verbal Rating Scale is enabled, employees and managers can submit their reviews in the form of verbal shortcodes.

Enable Verbal Rating Scale

To enable verbal rating scale in the performance review cycle, follow the below steps:

Navigate to Admin > Performance > Cycles > Rating Scale

Step 1: In the existing cycle, click the overflow menu to Edit.mceclip1.png

Step 2: Go to Rating Scale and enable Verbal Rating.mceclip1.png

Step 3: Below you can find the options to edit, click Edit to customize the verbal rating scale.mceclip2.png

Grading Scale

The Manage Grade option allows you to define ranges so that if the overall score (average/manual overall rating) falls under one of these ranges, the application will show the short-code and verbal definition of the range that is set instead of the actual score.

For Example:

If you have set the following ranges/grades in your cycle settings,mceclip1.png

If the employee received 3.3 as the score then the overall score (average/manual overall rating) will be verified against the available ranges and the application will display 'C - Meets Some Expectation' on the review page and also on the Org/Team Dashboard. 

Note: The actual calculation is only visible to the HR Manager/Admins when they open the review page from the Org dashboard but remains hidden to the Employee and the Manager always.