Upload Documents on Review Form

Employees and Managers can upload documents in the Review Notes section inside the review form.

The above scenario is only possible when the Site Admin enables the review notes section in the cycle settings.

To upload the documents on the review form, follow the below steps:

Navigate to Home > Performance > Overview > Pending Actions

Step 1: Under Pending Actions, click Performance Self Review.mceclip0.pngStep 2: The Performance form opens, click the Review Notes section and click ADD REVIEW NOTE.mceclip2.pngStep 3: A Review Note window opens and click ATTACH.mceclip3.pngStep 4: Browse and select a file and click Open to upload.

Step 5: Now you can view the uploaded file below, type your comment in the comment section and click SAVE.mceclip13.pngStep 6: Click ATTACH again to upload another file.

Step 7: When the file is uploaded and saved, you can view the attachment in the Review Notes section of the review form.mceclip2.pngStep 8: You can find the option to Edit or Delete the attachment by hovering on the review note.mceclip3.pngStep 9: Click ADD REVIEW NOTE again to add another review note.mceclip4.pngStep 10: Click SAVE to save your changes in the review form.

  • When you click SUBMIT, you cannot modify the data in the review form. But, you can add review notes.
  • When you click SAVE, you can modify the data in the review form and add review notes.mceclip9.png