View Past Performance Review in the Resource Center

The employees can view their past performance reviews in the resource center only when the past performance reviews are locked by the admin.


Locking the cycle

Navigate to Admin > Performance > Cycle > Manage 

Step 1: To lock the entire cycle, select the particular cycle and click ACTIONS.edit_009.png

Step 2: ACTIONS window displays. Select 'Lock' under the "Review Lock Status" section and click SELECT.edit_11.pngStep 3: Select the Employee check box for multiple employees and click LOCK.edit_1200.png

Step 4: Lock Review window displays. Click LOCK. edit_13.png

Step 5: Now the cycle is locked.edit_09.png


View of past performance reviews in the resource center

Navigate to Home > Performance > Overview

Step 1: To view the past review, select the particular cycle under the "YOUR SUBMISSIONS" section and click VIEW.PR_O1.png

Step 2: "PERFORMANCE REVIEW" window displays. Click Performance in the resource center. PR_02.png

Step 3: Now the locked past performance review is visible in the resource center. PR_03.png