Enable Post-Review Feedback Questionnaire

Admins can enable post-review feedback questionnaires. When the post-review feedback questionnaire is enabled in cycle settings, the employees must submit the post-review feedback questionnaire before the cycle end date.

Follow the steps below to enable the post-review feedback questionnaires:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Performance> Cycles.

Step 2: Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png in any of the cycles and click Edit.1.png

Step 3: Click Post Review and select YES under “Enable post-review feedback questionnaire.”2.png

Step 4: Set the post-review feedback questionnaire start date.enter_start_date.png


  • The post-review feedback questionnaire start date should be less than the cycle end date.

  • The post-review feedback questionnaire start date should be greater than the manager's review due date.

Step 5: Type your question and select the question type from the “Select' dropdown.enter_the_question.png


  • You can select Text, List, and Single Selection types of questions.

  • In this article, we have chosen the single selection type of question.

Step 6: Type your options or click +ADD to add another option. Click SAVE to add your question.enter_options.png

Step 7: Click + Add Question to add another question, or click SAVE to update your cycle settings.SAVE.png

A “Saved” pop-up confirms that the cycle settings have been saved successfully.results.png