Introduction to Team Pulse

Team Pulse is a powerful listening tool that uses the power of questions to unlock insights for managers and leaders. Team Pulse utilizes a series of thought-provoking questions to help managers and leaders gain a better understanding of their employees. A recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to uncover insights and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better and make informed decisions.

Key Features of Team Pulse:
  • Create questions/add questions from the question library

  • Set question recurrence

  • Pin questions

  • Collect anonymous responses

  • Enable award points upon submission of Team Pulse

  • View response history

  • View manager reviews

  • Nudge employees to submit Team Pulse

  • Comment on responses/add people to the conversation

  • View and download reports
  • Stay Connected: Send questions to your employees and get clear responses.

  • Get Aligned: Helps your employees to focus on the top priorities and goals.

  • Improve Visibility: Recognize your employee's insights.

  • Identify Issues: Identify issues quickly and solve them immediately.


Employees: Employees are required to submit Team Pulse responses periodically.

Managers: Managers are required to review Team Pulse responses for their team members.  They can nudge team members to submit their Team Pulse responses.

Admins: Admins can create and send Team Pulse questions to everyone in the organization or selected departments, business units, or locations. Also, Admins can nudge employees to submit their Team Pulse responses.

Role-Based Benefits


  • Voice of the employees:  Employees feel valued when they believe that their voice is heard

  • Regular interactions with managers: It helps employees to have proper communication with managers to build trust and discuss issues.


  • Early discovery of issues: Team Pulse allows managers to find the challenges faced by their team members.

  • Regular interactions with team members: Regular interactions with team members help to understand their issues, provide guidance, and close possible gaps.


  • Get employee's Pulse: It helps in identifying the pulse of the employees and understanding their issues and recommendations.
  • People insights: Help organizations discover issues early and make strategic decisions.

  • Continuous and real-time engagement data: Team Pulse allows administrators to measure
    (in real-time) the impact of the engagement initiatives.

How Team Pulse Works

1. Admin Launches Team Pulse

Admins set up and launch the Team Pulse for the organization by defining the employee submission and manager review windows with a set of questions.

2. Employees Respond to Team Pulse

Employees respond to pulse before the submission end date.

3. Managers Review Team Responses

Managers review team responses and initiate a conversation as required.                                                                    

Enable Team Pulse Module