Set up and Launch Team Pulse

Team Pulse aims to help managers and leaders better understand their employee's sentiments using thoughtful questions. A recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to uncover insights and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better and make informed decisions.

The process to launch the Team Pulse:

  1. Manage Team Questions
  2. Manage Private Questions
  3. Audience settings
  4. Launch Notification
  5. Preview & Launch

To set up and launch Team Pulse:

  • Navigate to Settings > Team Pulse > Settings.
  • Set the Team Pulse “Start Date” and “End Date” under the “Pulse Period.”

Note: By default, Team Pulse never ends. You can set the end date by selecting "Custom"  from the “Ends” drop-down. Employees will receive Team Pulse questions weekly until the Team Pulse End Date.

  • Set “Submission Start Day & Time” and “Submission Due Day & Time” for Employee and Manager.setup and launch
  • Enable award points and set the points to be awarded upon Team Pulse submission.award_points-1.png

Note: The award points option is available only when the Rewards module is enabled.

  • Click Continue to manage team questions for Team Pulse.

Step 1: Manage Team Questions

You can create new questions and add questions from the question library to Team Pulse. You can create and manage team questions. The responses given by the employees to team questions are visible to both managers and admins.

Note: Questions will be selected randomly from the set of questions.

Note: Newly created questions will be available in the Org Library.

Step 2: Manage Private Questions

You can create or add private questions from the question library to the team pulse. By creating private questions, you can ensure that sensitive or confidential information is only visible to the admin.

Note: Newly created questions will be available in the Org Library.

Step 3: Audience Settings 

After adding the questions, the next step in the Team Pulse configuration is the audience settings, where admins can send the team pulse questions to everyone in the organization or selected departments, business units, or locations.

  • Select the respondents (Everyone or Custom) and click Continue.

Note: Admins can exclude CXOs, site admins, and employees without managers from receiving the team pulse questions.

Step 4: Launch Notification

This is to inform all employees that Team Pulse will be launched soon by sending an Email to them.

  • Type the Email Subject and select the Launch Mail Date.
  • Click Continue to preview the Team Pulse questions.

Step 5: Preview & Launch 

From the preview, admins can view the total list of questions added to the Team Pulse.

  • Preview the Team Pulse questions and click Launch Pulse to view the summary.
  • The summary consists of the overall configurations made for launching the pulse. Click Launch to launch the pulse.