Edit a Question in Team Pulse

Admins can edit a Team Pulse question to make the required changes. The changes made to the question will be reflected in the upcoming Team Pulse.

Admins can edit the following sections in Team Questions and Private Questions.

To modify the Team Pulse question:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Team Pulse > Manage Questions.

Step 2: Select Team Questions/Private Questions.

Step 3: Hover over the question. Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Edit.6.png

Edit Question

Edit the question as necessary from the “Question” section.TP_N24.png

Change Question Category

From the “Question Category” drop-down, select multiple categories or change the question category.TP_N25.png

Edit Frequency

From the “Frequency” section, edit the question frequency as required.TP_N26.png

Edit Start and End Date

Update the start date and end date of a question as required.

Note: By default, a created question never expires. Select “Custom” from the "Ends" drop-down to set the end date.1__2_.png

Click Save to update the changes.2__1_.png