Add a Question Category in Team Pulse

Question categories refer to classifying or grouping Team Pulse questions based on specific topics or focus areas. Adding question categories allows the admin to group related questions, making it easy to locate and select relevant questions for inclusion in the Team Pulse.

To add a question category:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Team Pulse > Manage Categories.

Step 2: Click Manage Category.1.png
Step 3: Click +Add Category. 2.png
Step 4: Type the category name and click Add. 3.png

Add a Question Category While Creating a Question

Admins can add a new category while creating a question. To add a question category while creating a question:
Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Team Pulse > Manage Questions.

Step 2:  From the "Add Question" dropdown, click Create New Question.5.png

Step 3: Enter the necessary question details, and from the “Select a Category” drop-down, click +Add
Step 4: Type the category name and click Save. 7.png