Dynamic Email - Deep Integration With Gmail

Gmail Dynamic Emails are interactive messages that allow users to take action on email without leaving their Gmail inbox. These emails can contain buttons and other interactive elements that enable users to perform tasks.

Gmail Dynamic Emails can be a powerful tool for improving productivity and streamlining workflows within Gmail, allowing users to complete tasks quickly and easily without switching between different applications.

Engagedly's integration with Gmail allows you to perform actions from Gmail without switching to the Engagedly application.

You can perform the following actions from your Gmail inbox without switching to the Engagedly application:

Share requested feedback:

Step 1: Open the feedback request email from "Engagedly Team" in your Gmail inbox.Gmail6.png

Step 2: From the Share Feedback window, select the feedback type and enter your feedback.GMAIL_AMP1.png

Step 3: Click Share Feedback to share your feedback.GMAIL_AMP2_NEW.png

View and comment on feedback:

Step 1: Open the feedback email you received from "Engagedly Team" in your Gmail inbox.Gmail_2.png

Step 2: You can view and add comments on the feedback you received.GMAIL_AMP3.png

Step 3: Type your comment in the respond box.GMAIL_AMP4.png

Step 4: Click Post to add your comment to the feedback.GMAIL_AMP5.png

Note: The user must enable “Dynamic Emails” from settings to perform actions from Gmail.


Submit Team Pulse Response:

Step 1: Open the team pulse response request email from "Engagedly Team" in your Gmail inbox.

GMAILTP1Step 2: The "share team pulse" window opens, respond to all the team pulse questions, and click Submit to submit the response.