Share Feedback using Marissa AI

Marissa is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant that generates feedback using the situation, behavior, and impact framework.

SBI framework is used for providing different types of feedback.

  • Situation: Describe the precise circumstance under which the behavior took place.

  • Behavior: Describe the observed behavior of the team member.

  • Impact: Indicate the outcomes of the behavior.

How it works?

The User should enable Marissa to use the SBI framework for generating feedback.

Navigate to Feedback > Dashboard > SHARE

Step 1: Enable Marissa to frame constructive feedback using the AI assistant.marissa1.png

 Step 2: Select the feedback type and also select the user about whom you want to share the feedback.
 Step 3: Type the situation, behavior, and impact.marissa9.png
 Step 4: Click PROCEED to fetch the feedback suggestion from Marissa.Marissa3.png
 Step 5: You can also edit the suggested feedback provided by Marissa.Marissa4.png
 Step 6: Select the feedback category.
Step 7: Decide with whom you want to share the feedback.Marissa7.png
 Step 8: Click SHARE to share the feedback.Marissa8.png