Create and Manage Preset Goal Cycles

Admin can create and manage preset goal cycles only when Preset Goal Cycles are enabled in the Goals settings.

The admin can perform the below actions on preset goal cycles:

Navigation: Settings > Goals > Settings > Goal Cycles.

Add Goal Cycle

Adding a preset goal cycle will allow users to select a preset goal period while creating the goal.

  • Click ADD CYCLE.3-May-08-2023-08-36-33-0177-AM
  • Type the cycle name, and set the goal cycle start and end dates.4-May-08-2023-08-36-32-9761-AM

Edit Goal Cycle

Admin can edit goal cycles to change the cycle name and goal cycle start and end dates.

  • Click the Edit y.png Icon on any goal cycle.6-May-08-2023-08-37-24-8323-AM
  • Edit the goal cycle as necessary and click SAVE to update the changes.

Archive Goal Cycle

Admin can archive any goal cycle. The archived goal cycle will not be visible to the users while selecting the goal period during goal creation. Admin can activate the archived goal cycle later.

  •  Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Archive on any cycle.10-May-08-2023-08-37-52-7582-AM

Activate a Goal Cycle

Admin can activate archived goal cycle at any time.

  • Click Archived to view the archived cycle.12-May-08-2023-08-40-35-4880-AM
  • Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Active on any archived goal cycle.13-May-08-2023-08-41-19-3076-AM

Delete Goal Cycle

Admin can delete the goal cycle. The deleted goal cycle cannot be restored.

  • Click the Overflow Menu Master_Component-12.png Icon and select Delete on any goal cycle.14-May-08-2023-08-42-13-1659-AM