Manage Widgets

The admin can add and remove any widget from the Dashboard section through manage widgets.

Admin can perform the below actions on manage widgets:

To manage the widgets:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin> Goals > Dashboard.

Step 2: Click Manage Widgets.

Reset Widgets

Resetting widgets will revert the dashboard to the default view.

  • Click the Reset Group_13.png Icon to reset the widgets.1-May-08-2023-06-43-21-2559-AM

Enable/Disable Widgets

By enabling/disabling widgets, you can hide/display the widgets in the Dashboard.

  • Switch the Toggle Button q_-_Copy.png Icon to add/remove the widget and click Save to update the changes.add&remove 1

Reorder Widgets

You can reorder the widgets as required.

  • Click Reorder widgets.reorder 1
  • Drag the widgets to change their order on the dashboard.
  • Click Save to update the changes on the dashboard.REORDER WIDGETS