Create Private Question

By creating private questions, you can ensure that sensitive or confidential information is only visible to the admins, while still gathering valuable feedback and insights from employees.

Admins can create a private question and send it to the employees. All the responses received will be only visible to the admins.

Private questions in Team Pulse can be valuable in situations where employees may feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, or feedback anonymously.

There are three types of private questions that can be created:

  • Rating scale
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
  • Open Ended

Admins can create private questions while setting up and launching Team Pulse. After launching Team Pulse, admins can also create a private question from the Manage Questions tab.

Create a private question while setting up and launching Team Pulse:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings >Team Pulse > Settings > Manage Private Questions.

Step 2: Under "Create Questions," click Create.

Step 3Select the question type and enter the question.

Step 4: Select the question category from the drop-down.16283970381721-1

Note: You can also select multiple question categories.

Step 5Set the question frequency and select the question's start and end dates. 

Note: By default,  the question never ends. Select "Custom" from the Ends drop-down to set the end date for the private question. 

Step 6: Select the Response visible only to admin checkbox to make the response only visible to admins.

Step 7: Select Collect responses anonymously checkbox to collect anonymous responses.

Step 8: Click Save to add the private question to Team Pulse.3n.png

Create a private question after launching Team Pulse:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Team Pulse > Manage Questions.

Step 2: From the "Add Question" drop-down, click Create New Question.5.jpg

Follow steps 3,4,5,67 and 8 above to create a private question.