Link Goals With Jira Reports

When a goal is linked with the Jira report, any update made in the Jira report will be reflected in the goal progress. By linking the goal with the Jira report, you do not need to update the goal progress manually.

To link Jira reports with goals:

Step 1: Navigate to Home > Goals > My Goals

Step 2: Click Add Goal to create a goal.


Step 3: After providing all the goal details, go to the “Integration” section and click Jira  Icon.


Note: You can link Jira reports only for the goals with measurement types given as quantity and percentage.

Step 4: Enter your Jira Account URL, Email, and API token.

Step 5: Click Verify Connection to verify the credentials.


Step 6: After verifying the connection, click Connect to connect your Jira account.

new2You can also manage the integration connection from the user profile.

Step 7: Paste your JQL query and click Verify.

New3Step 8: Click Link to link the goal with Jira reports.

new4Step 9: After the goal is linked with the Jira report, click Publish to publish the goal.