Learning Path Automation

A learning path is a customized plan designed for an individual employee or a group of employees to acquire new knowledge, skills, and competencies required for their current or future job roles.

Learning path automation is used to automate and optimize learning and development processes in an organization. It helps the organization in assigning learning paths to the employees automatically based on the workflow added. This can lead to better learning outcomes and increased engagement. 

To create a learning path automation:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Automation.

Step 2: Click Add Workflow to create a workflow.


Step 3: Type your workflow title.

Step 4: Select the trigger point. You can select the following trigger points:

  • When a user is “added”

  • When a user is “updated”

  • When a user is “added or updated”


Step 5: From "Conditions," select the field and the operator. You can assign learning paths to the users based on the date of hire, department, business unit, job title, manager, employee type, and tenure.

Step 6: In this scenario, select the field as “Job Title,” the operator as “Is,” and select QA as the job title.

Step 7: Click +Add Condition to add multiple conditions.


Step 8: Switch the toggle button to All to assign the learning path only when all the conditions are satisfied. 
5-Apr-18-2023-05-28-28-8470-AMScenario: If the conditions added are the date of hire as March 1st and the location as Los Angeles, the learning path will be assigned to the users only if they are located in Los Angeles, and their hired date is March 1st. 

Step 9: Switch the toggle button to Any to assign the course when any of the given conditions are satisfied.
Scenario: If the conditions added are the date of hire as March 1st and the location as Los Angeles, the learning path will be assigned to the users who are located in Los Angeles or whose hired date is March 1st.

Step 10: From the “Actions” drop-down, select Assign Learning Path.


Step 11: Select the learning paths and click Save.

Note: Only the learning paths pushed to the library will be visible in the learning path list.

Step 12: Switch the Due Date toggle button to Yes to set the due date for the learning path.

Scenario: If the due date is set to 7 days, the user should complete the assigned learning path courses before 7 days.


Step 13: Switch the Schedule toggle button to Yes to schedule the action for a specific period.

Scenario: If the scheduled date is set to 2 days, the learning path will the assigned to the users after 2 days.


Step 14: Click Save to save the setting.