Update a Goal

Updating a goal can help users track their progress towards achieving the goal. This can help them stay on track and make necessary changes to achieve their goal.

In this article, we have covered how an employee, manager, and admin can update a goal.

Employee to update a goal
Manager to update a goal
Admin to update a goal

Employee to Update a Goal

Employees can update goals that are owned and assigned by them.

Step 1: Navigate to Home > Goals > My Goals > Owned by Me.

Step 2: Hover over any goal and click Update.

Step 3: Employees can update the goal on the Update Goal window.

Manager to Update a Goal

Managers can update any goal owned by their direct reports.

Step 1: Navigate to Teams > Goals > My Team Goals.

Step 2: Select an employee and click any goal.

Step 3: Click Update.2-May-08-2023-06-27-09-2054-AM
Step 4: Managers can update the goal on the Update Goal window.

Admin to Update a Goal

Admins can update any goal in the organization, including individual and top level goals. They can update any individual goal from the Goals Directory section.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Goals > Top Level Goals to update the top level goal OR

Navigate to Admin > Goals > Goals Directory to update an individual goal.

Note: Here, we are demonstrating updating the top level goal.

Step 2: Click any goal and click Update.3-May-08-2023-06-27-09-2618-AM
Step 3: Admins can update a goal on the Update Goal window.

Update a Goal

  • Enter the increment value (If the goal is a percentage or quantity type of measurement) OR mark the checkbox as selected (If the goal is a milestone type of measurement).
  • Users can add comments while updating the goal. Click Chat Master_Component-49.png Icon and type your comment.
  • Click Save to update the goal.