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Your Post can be of four types: Share Status, Ask for Help, Share an Idea, Share Knowledge.


  • Share Status - Have something of interest or some good news to share? Select this option to share your thoughts on anything you would like. Upload your status under Add Status.


  • Ask for Help - Hit a snag? Want a wide range of solutions to your problem? Ask away. Select this option and type your query under Ask for Help.


  • Share an Idea - Have a project or business idea to explore? Select this option and put your heads together. Enter your idea under Share Idea.


  • Share Knowledge - Learned something new? Select this option and share it with others under Share Knowledge.


  • Select any one of the post types.
  • Attach: Add attachments, if required.
  • Share With: Search and select the person, group, or distribution list, you wish to share your Post with.
  • Tags: Enter the desired tag(s).
  • Click on Post when you have filled in all the information.