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  • How do I view the types of filters in Social Feed?
    • Go to My Corner and select Social from the top navigation bar.
    • All the posts will appear under the Social Feed.
    • Three types of filters are available :
  • Recent - View posts in chronological order, with recent posts appearing first.
  • Popular - View posts based on activity. Any activity on the post, irrespective of the date it was published, will push it to the top using this option.

Note: A pinned post will always appear on the top in both the Recent and Popular filters, irrespective of the date and the activity on any post.

  • Custom filter - Filter the posts using a search bar or based on the type and location of the post.
      • Search bar - Search posts by user name, tags, or keywords. For example, if you wish to find a praise-related post, type in the name of the associated employee OR tags attached with the post OR just type the keyword ‘praise’ to show all praise-related posts.
      • All Types  - From the dropdown, select the type of post you wish to see such as Status Update, Help, Knowledge, etc.
      • All Location  - From the dropdown, select the location of post-initiation.