Create a Performance Cycle

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Templates > Create

Using the Cycles feature, you can set up performance review cycles suited to your organization’s requirements. You can use configurable workflows and rule configuration tools to enable your performance management strategy. You can run different processes for different teams, departments or business units.

The steps to create a Cycle are as follows:

  1. Click on ‘Create’
  2. Input a Cycle Name and select the requisite Cycle Type: you can set up and manage three types of review cycles:
    • Focal Point - Review employees in a set timeframe
    • Hire Date - Review new hires after a period (30/ 60/ 90/ custom days)
    • Work Anniversary - Review employees on their work anniversariesmceclip0.png
  3. Select Next to go to the Cycle set up section. Enter information in each of the sections as below:
    • Cycle Information- Enter cycle name, description, cycle start date, cycle end date, and performance review period (the period for which employees’ performance is being reviewed). Based on the type of cycle, you will be able to configure the review period differently.
      • Hire Date based review: You can select 30/ 60/ 90/ Custom days
      • Work Anniversary based review: The employees will automatically get added to the cycle from the work anniversary date plus the x days selected by you
    • Rating Scale- Configure the rating scale as per your requirements. If you choose to configure a rating scale, you can choose between different types of scales and customize them as per your organization's requirements.
    • Process Configuration- Set up workflows, review timelines for various participants and other rules based on your specific requirements. 
    • Review Form Sections- Configure the sections in your review form. If you select any template, you can configure additional sections using this page.
    • Post Review- Set post-review feedback process.
    • Notifications- Configure touchpoints and rules for notifications across the review process.
    • Summary- Once you complete your setup, easily view a summary of all options you have configured in the cycle.
  4. At any point, you have access to a preview page that shows you a preview of how various sections appear in the review form for different participants.mceclip1.png