Configure Rating Scales

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Templates > Create

You can reach this section by clicking Create, entering necessary cycle setup information and selecting Rating Scale from the left pane.

Rating Scale provides you a standard way to manage performance reviews in the organization. You can choose to configure numeric or verbal rating scales. 

  • If you wish to enable rating scale, toggle the ‘Do you need a rating scale‘ to Yes
    • Select the type of rating scale
      • Numeric rating scale - Select this if you follow a number-based rating scale. The default scale can be edited as per your requirement by clicking Edit.
      • Verbal rating scale - Select this if you follow a grade-based rating scale. Further configurations to this scale are available within Advanced Settings.mceclip1.png
  • Advanced settings
    • Select Yes if you wish to show the rating scale in the review form for participants' reference
    • Select Yes if you wish to change the label/ name of your rating scale.
    • Select Yes if you wish to include Not Applicable (N/A) as a rating option along with the scale. 
    • Click Add to configure a custom Verbal scale.mceclip2.png
  • Enter the minimum and maximum ranges and corresponding grades, to setup the grade-based verbal rating scale.mceclip3.png