Review Process Configuration

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Cycles > Create > Process Configuration

You can reach this section by clicking Create, entering necessary cycle setup information, and selecting Process Configuration from the left pane.

Process Configuration section provides you options to set up timelines, participants, workflows, and process components for your performance review cycle.

Employee self-review

  • Select Yes for 'Should Employees review themselves?' if you wish to enable employee self-review.
  • Set start and end dates for employee self-review.
  • Select who can roll back employee self-reviews for revision/ editing.
  • Select whether managers can begin their reviews before the completion of employee self-review.
  • Set the end date for manager review.

Review visibility

  • Select Yes if you wish to allow employees to view the manager's review.
  • If set to No, then select who can decide this visibility later on in the review process.

Skip-level review

  • Select Yes if you wish to enable skip-level manager in the review process.
  • Set the role of the skip-level manager in the review process: choose between approving reviews and editing the manager's reviews.


Advanced Settings

  • Templates are review forms with pre-populated review sections/ content. Select who can assign or recall templates to employees in this cycle.
  • Select whether the templates need to be shared manually or automatically.
  • Select Yes if you wish to enable the ability to invite additional reviewers. Choose who can perform this action.
  • Select Yes if you wish to enable visibility of employee self-reviews to managers or additional reviewers.
  • Select what ratings you wish the employees to be able to access (Overall, section and sub-section, both).
  • If you wish to allow delegation of reviews by managers, select Yes.