Configure Sections in Review Form

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Cycles > Create > Review Form Sections

You can reach this section by clicking Create, entering necessary cycle setup information, and selecting Review Form Sections from the left pane.

This section provides you with options to configure the performance review form. The sections can be re-arranged by clicking Reorder.


Overall Rating and Remarks

  • To enable options for overall ratings and/ or remarks, select Enabled. You can do so for Employee, Manager and HR remarks sections.
  • Select Yes if you wish to enable manual overall rating for employee and manager. This will enable a manual overall rating in the review form that will override system-calculated ratings if any.
  • Select Yes if you wish to enable overall comments for each of the participant groups.
  • You can choose to make the overall rating and comments sections mandatory using the checkbox.


Employee Leadership Potential

  • Enable the employee leadership potential to setup options that help you capture employee potential along with employee performance. 
  • Select Yes if you wish to allow employees to view their potential rating.
  • Select Yes if you wish to give the manager an option to select N/A for any employee.
  • Employee potential can be determined using ratings or questionnaire. Choose the preferred option.
  • Using the potential rating and the performance rating, a 9-box grid can be plotted. While setting up the potential rating scale, select the configuration on the 9-box Y-axis.
  • Configure the performance rating scale to be plotted as the X-axis on the 9-box grid.


Manager Recommendations

  • Set the Manager recommendations to Enabled to view options to configure a section enabling managers to provide talent recommendations.
  • Select Yes if you wish to allow employees to view manager recommendations.
  • You can choose the questions built-in by default, edit/ delete the default questions or add new questions.


Other Sections

  • Enable review notes, development plans, training recommendations and one-on-one meetings to add them as sections in the review form.
  • Select who can add training recommendations.
  • Enable HR recommendations to allow HR to provide talent recommendations. You can choose the default questions, edit/ delete them or add new questions.mceclip6.png