Review my Team Members' Performance

Navigation: Teams > Performance > Overview

  • In the Pending Actions section, you can find all the reviews pending from your end.
  • If you have multiple pending actions, hover on the Due Date to view the review cycle name.
  • Click the pending action to view the team members for whom the review is pending.
  • Click 'View' to open the review form.


  • View the employee details including the employee rating (if the rating is enabled for the cycle).
  • View the progress of the review based on the sections completed.
  • Save the review form to view your rating and the 9-box review based on performance and potential ratings given by you.


  • Click the Pending Reviews 'Show' link at the top to view your status of review form submission for all your team members.
  • Click on any team member to view their review forms.


  • Navigate between various sections of the review form using the left navigation pane.
  • Click 'View Rating Scale' to open the description of the rating scale while reviewing (when the rating is enabled in the cycle).
  • Fill in all relevant portions of the review form.
  • Click 'Submit' once you complete the review form.