Track the Review Completion Status of my Team Members

Navigation: Teams > Performance > Overview

  • Select the cycle you wish to view the reviews for.
  • View a list of your team members and the stage of their review process including assigning and sharing templates, employee review form submission, overall status etc.
  • Filter the list of team members by selecting the following options from the dropdown:
    • My Team: Filter your immediate team members (direct reports).
    • My Secondary Team: Filter the team members for whom you are a secondary manager.
    • My Entire Team: Filter the entire team below you.
    • Skip-Level Reviews: Filter your skip-level reports.
    • Delegated Reviews: Filter the team members for whom you are delegated to review.mceclip0.png
  • Click the 'Actions' button on the top right to perform bulk actions for selected employees.
  • The options available for you are based on the cycle settings.mceclip1.png