Perform Bulk Actions to Manage Reviews

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Manage Reviews

To perform key cycle-related action across employees, you can use the 'Actions' button on the top right of the Manage Reviews tab.


You can use the 'Actions' button to perform the following bulk actions:

  • Remove employees from the cycle
  • Enable/ disable Leadership Potential section for select employees
  • Assign/ Un-assign/ Share templates with select employees
  • Enable/ disable Skip-level reviewer for select employees
  • Rollback the reviews of select users (for employee, manager, skip-level and HR reviews)
  • Notify select users with pending reviews/ sign-offs
  • Manage visibility of reviews to select employees
  • Lock/ unlock reviews of select employees
  • Delegate reviews of select employees
  • Export the review form PDFs of select users


  • After choosing the action, click Select.
  • In the next section, select all the employees for whom you wish to perform this action.
  • Click the button corresponding to the action you selected and proceed to complete it.