Edit an Existing Performance Cycle

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Cycles

You can perform the below actions to an already created cycle:

  • Edit the cycle: Make changes to the workflows set up in the cycle. Note: any changes to the sections will not be reflected in the templates already shared with employees.
  • Make a copy: Easily duplicate the configurations of an existing cycle. Creating a copy, however, does not add the employees added to the original cycle.
  • Add Employees: Add employees who will be covered in the cycle.
  • Manage visibility: By default, all users with cycle-related permissions will be able to manage the cycles. Use this option to restrict visibility to any of these users.
  • Archive: Once a cycle is no longer in active use, you can archive it to clean up the listing pages.


You can also manage your cycle listing page by marking cycles as favorites using the star icon next to the cycle name.

You can also view key statistics around various stages of the cycle by selecting 'Show Statistics'