Check Insights for a Performance Cycle

Navigation: Admin > Performance > Analytics

In the 'Analytics' tab, select the performance review cycle you seek insights for.

View key analytics as below:

  • Rating status distribution: This gives you a comprehensive picture of the review status of users in the cycle.
  • Rating distribution: View a spread of employee and manager ratings (if the Ratings are enabled for the cycle).
  • Performance Review: This section is useful when you have assigned multiple templates in the same cycle and wish to get inputs across all performance areas/ sections covered across templates.
  • 9-Box distribution: View the ratings plotted in a 9-box performance-potential grid. Use the 9-box to take key talent decisions and plan for succession in the organization.
  • Goal rating distribution: If Goals are enabled and added in the cycle, view the rating spread across goals.
  • Manager and HR recommendations: Analyse responses across the manager and HR recommendation questionnaire.
  • Training recommendations and development plans: View key data on training recommendations and development plans identified by the users.