Overview of Global Settings

The Global settings screen allows you to change the document upload, passwords policy, and user settings. You can also customize your branding for the login screen and choose from various color themes to match your organization's colors.

Navigating to the Global Settings Page

Step 1: Within the left navigation bar, select "Settings".

Step 2:  Navigate to the "Global Settings" section.

Global Settings

In the global settings section, you can configure document upload and user settings. You can also set the password policy for your organization.

Document Upload:

Configure the document upload settings to determine who can upload documents and whether you want the managers to be notified when any document is uploaded.

Password Policy:

You can set the password policy for all the users in your organization by setting the:

User Settings:

You can configure the user settings you want to set for your organization by setting the.


In the branding settings section, you can choose what to display on your login page and choose a color theme for the platform.

Login Screen:

You can choose to display the following on your company login page.

Color Themes:

You can add a header logo to your engagedly platform and also choose from a predefined set of themes, or you can dive deeper by customizing your own colors.