Overview of User Management

The User management settings screen allows you to manage the users in the platform, assign roles and permissions to users, create and edit departments, business units, job titles, employee types, and locations.

Navigating to the user management settings Page

Step 1: Within the left navigation bar, select "Settings".

Step 2:  Navigate to the "User Management" section.

User Management

In the user management section, you can use it to set up


You can perform all user-related modifications here.

Roles & Permissions:

You create a new role, edit already existing roles, and assign roles to users.


You can add new departments, edit already created departments, and delete departments.

Business Units:

You can add new business units, edit already created business units, and delete business units.

Job Titles:

You can add job titles, edit already created job titles, delete job titles. You can also add competencies to job titles and set targets for job competencies. 

Employee Type:

You can add new employee types, edit already created employee types, delete employee types and add users to employee types.


You can add new locations, edit already created locations, delete locations and add users to locations.