Enable/Disable Notifications

1. How do I enable notifications for my organization?

Navigation: Settings > Notifications

  • Click Enable to turn on notifications for your organization.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-03-30T115431.389.png

  2. Can I turn off the email notifications to register/log on to the portal?

Yes, you can totally skip the login invitations by turning off the notifications before uploading/adding the users. Once the uploading/adding process is complete you can turn the notifications on. You can disable the notifications from:

Navigation: Settings > Notifications

  • Click Disable to turn off notifications for your organization.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-03-30T120120.749__1_.png

3. How to enable/disable module-specific notifications?

Navigation: Settings > Notifications

  • Check and uncheck modules to turn on and turn off respective module notifications for your organization.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-03-30T120315.425__1_.png