When and How to use the SFTP method for user syncing?

While Engagedly directly integrates with most of the renowned HRIS to sync users between the two platforms, some are still not compatible with direct integration. In this case, Admins can opt for the SFTP method to sync their user data/status in Engagedly. 

On the other hand, sometimes admins may not like to sync all of their users from their HRIS. Right now, through direct integration, it's not possible to set up a condition to pull only a set of users to the platform. In this case, the SFTP method can come handy as it provides more control over the data that's being sent to Engagedly. In short, the SFTP method uses an import template (Excel/CSV) that can be populated by the admins as they like. So, if you would just like to bring in only 200 users out of 500 users available in your HRIS you can send the data only for those 200 users in the sync file and Engagedly will pick that file to perform the syncing. 

Please follow the steps below to initiate the syncing process.

Step 1: Send a request to the support team (support@engagedly.com) to create an SFTP folder for your organization where you can drop the user data as a CSV or Excel file.

Step 2: Look for an email from the support rep that contains the credentials of the SFTP folder. This email will be sent to you from the email id of the support rep and NOT through the support channel as it contains the login id and password.

Step 3: Ask your IT team to configure a data extraction process to pull the user details from your HRIS/Database in a CSV or Excel file and drop it in the SFTP folder using the credentials provided to you. Your IT Team can automate this process through a script or a scheduling tool and set the cadence as you require (Daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Please inform us as soon as the file is dropped there so that the file verification process can be initiated at our end. We have also attached a sample user-sync file below that contains the demographic details that we can sync for a user in the system.

Step 4: Once you inform us about the file being dropped we will start verifying it and let you know if we come across any discrepancies or concerns with the data. We will then ask our engineer to build the mapping between the columns in the file with the fields in Engagedly. 

After the successful mapping, we are good to start the syncing process.

Important Points to Note:

1. Once the mapping is done please DO NOT change the name of the sync file (CSV/Excel) in any manner. The name of the file needs to be exactly the same else the system will not be able to identify the file. For example, if you are using the file name "User_Details.xlsx" then use the exact same name for all the upcoming files. Some of the scheduling tools add a date stamp in the file name by default, for example, "User_Details_Sep_28_2020.xlsx", "User_Details_Sep_29_2020.xlsx" and so on for each new file. The system won't be able to recognize these file names as it is instructed to look for a file with the name "User_Details.xlsx" only in this case.

The file doesn't necessarily need to be "User_Details.xlsx", it can be named anything you like but it needs to be the same for all the upcoming files.

2. The mapping of fields is actually done by the position/placement of the columns in the sync file, not necessarily by the name of the columns. For example, if the employee's 'First Name' is sent in the 1st column it should stay in the 1st column across all the upcoming files. The name of the column header doesn't play a role in the mapping, only the position/placement of the column is.

3. The uploaded file must be an Excel or a CSV file. Other formats such as XML, pdf, word, etc are not allowed.

4. Our user syncing task runs every day around 10 am UTC so any file sent before this time will be synced at that time and files sent after this time will be synced the next day.

5. Fields that are Mandatory for user syncing are "First name", "Last Name" and "Email Id" so please verify if those are available for all the users in the file.

6. To terminate users in Engagedly through the SFTP method please populate the 'Status' column with the value 'A' for 'Active' and 'T' for 'Terminated'. In case you have configured the sync file to only contain the active users and any user who is not listed in the file should be considered as terminated in Engagedly, please inform the same before we map the fields and start the syncing process.

Please connect with us for any queries/clarification regarding this process. We will be more than happy to discuss it further over a call or through emails.

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