Sign Off in Performance Review

Navigation: Performance > Cycles > Create


The Sign-off process allows employees, managers, and HR to electronically sign the performance review and mark the evaluation process as completed. Only users with the appropriate permissions can sign off on performance reviews.

Signing off on a review indicates that you agree with the review and are satisfied with the review process. This process is only initiated once all the review participants (employees, managers, and HRs (if HR review is required)) have submitted their reviews.

Enable Sign Off

Navigation: Manage > Performance > Cycles 

  1. Click Create to start a new cycle.
  2. Under the Post Review Section, toggle the button to enable the sign-off process for the review.
  3. Select the users required to sign off and enter a sign-off message.
  4. Toggle Enable resolution workflow button, which allows employees to submit a comment if they are not satisfied with the review provided. The sign-off process restarts after the manager resolve the comment.
  5. Fill in the required information and click Save.
Notify Employee to Sign Off 

For an employee, the sign-off process initiates only when all the participants have submitted their part of the review and the Manager review is made visible to the employee. Follow these steps if the manager review is not visible to the employees.

Navigation: Manage > Performance > Dashboard > Active Cycles 

1. Scroll over to a cycle and click Manage.

2. Click Actions.


3. In the dialog box, choose Members with pending sign-off and click Select.


4. Select members and click Notify to send a pending sign-off notification to employees.


Sign Off and Resolution

Case 1: When the HR/Admin gets a Pending Sign-Off notification.

Navigation: Teams > Overview

An HR manager only gets notified of pending sign-off after the employee sign-off is complete.

1. Click on the pending notification.


2. Scroll over to the sign-off section of the review form.

3. Click Sign-off and select Yes on the confirmation box to complete the evaluation process.


Case 2: When the HR manager gets the Requested Resolution notification. 

Navigation: Teams > Overview

An HR manager gets this notification when an employee is unsatisfied with the review. Managers can only resolve requests when they have respective permission. Otherwise, HR is responsible for resolving all requests. The sign-off process restarts with the employee after a request is resolved.

1. Click on the pending notification.


2. Click the form icon to open the respective employee's review form.


3. Scroll over to the sign-off section of the review form.

4. Click Sign-off history to view the employee comments.

5. Click Resolve.


6. Enter a suitable reply in the comment box and click Submit.


7. After this step, the employee, manager, and HR get a pending sign-off notification respectively once again.