Import Users Using the Template

Navigation: Admin > Settings > User Management > Users > Add

Step 1: Select Import users to import users using .xlsx files and click Continue.

import users 1

Step 2: Click on the icon to download the template and open the XLSX file in a spreadsheet application, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 


Step 3: The file has columns for each profile attribute. Leave the column blank if you don’t want to show an attribute. Enter the required data for each user in the downloaded template:Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 12.31.07 PM

  1. First Name - User's first name.
  2. Middle Name - User's middle name.
  3. Last Name - User's last name.
  4. Email -  Employee email in the format
  5. Employee id - Unique employee id.
  6. Status - User's current status in the organization - Active/Blocked.
  7. Job Title - User's job title in the organization.
  8. Department - Associated department of the user.
  9. Business Unit - Associated business unit of the user.
  10. Location - The place of employment.
  11. Employee Level - Full time/Part-time.
  12. Manager Email - Immediate manager's email.
  13. HR Manager Email - Associated HR manager's email.
  14. Secondary Manager Email - Secondary manager's email.
  15. Primary Phone Number - Primary contact number.
  16. Secondary Phone Number - Secondary contact number.
  17. Joining Date - Official joining date.
  18. Last Promotion Date - The last effective date of the promotional salary increase.
  19. Next Review Date - Upcoming performance review date.
  20. Birthday - User's date of birth.
  21. Gender - User's gender.
    Note: Enter Male, Female, or Other only
  22. Differently Abled - Yes/No.
  23. Veteran Status - Yes/No.
  24. Ethnicity - Ethnic group of the user. This data is used in the Diversity & Inclusion analysis of the organization.

Step 4: Save the file as XLSX file type and upload the same by clicking Upload.

Step 5: Click Next to continue. On the next screen, make sure the Fields in File match the Fields in Engagedly and make necessary changes by selecting the correct attribute from the dropdown menu. Click Next if no changes are needed.


Step 6: Select all the users and click Import to upload user data.

Note: First name, last name, and email fields are mandatory to fill for importing users. Attributes such as gender, differently-abled, veteran status, and ethnicity are used in the Diversity & Inclusion analysis of the organization.