Give Feedback to Others

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1. You will be notified to give feedback to others before the due date under Pending Actions. Click on the notification that says 360 Feedback: Request for Feedback to view all the pending feedback requests.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-06-09T162358.008.png

5.  Hover over any nomination and click Start Feedback to begin the feedback process.


6. Click Show to view the pending feedback list. Head over to Feedback Instructions to know more about providing 360 feedback to others.

7. Next, begin the 360 evaluation by rating others on multiple criteria based on your perception of them. The progress bar on top will show Your Progress once you start filling out the form. 

8. Click Save to save the progress and continue filling the form later.

9. Click Submit once you are done with the 360 evaluation. Your progress bar should show 100% completion to successfully submit the feedback.