Finalize Respondent Nominations

Finalize Respondent Nominations is an overview of the respondents nominated for a particular cycle.

Finalizing the respondent nominations is a conclusive step when nominations are made for the specified cycle. It determines whether or not an addition of the respondents is needed to process the cycle ahead.

Navigation: Teams > 360 Feedback > Alerts

Step 1: Under the Alerts section, click View on the notification that says Finalize Respondent Nominations.


Step 2: A Manage Nominations page appears. It displays the number of employees and nominated respondents for the proposed cycle. Under the Respondents column, you can click on Add to increase the number of respondents. 


Note: An increase in respondents' participation in the cycle depends on the number of respondents added or nominated for the cycle.

Step 3: After finalizing respondent nominations, click Close.