What has changed in the new 360 Feedback?

Which features are being removed?

  1. Questionnaire - The Questionnaire section is removed from settings. You can frame all the questions under different sections in the templates now.
  2. Cycle Lock-Date Setting - In the older version, you had to set a date for the cycle to be locked on. Now, the system locks it automatically after the cycle end date.
  3. Manage Reviewers - The Manage Reviewers tab is now removed for managers. 
  4. Overall Ratings - The overall rating sections are removed.

Which features are getting updated?

  1. Nominations - There is no limit to the number of respondent nominations. Admins can mention a recommended number of nominations for each employee. However, an employee can have less or more than the recommended nominations.
  2. Relationships - Managers and Others are now listed in the relationship section along with Self. You can add and delete more relationships, but you can not edit Self, Manager, and Others.
  3. Templates - Templates are more structured with sections and sub-sections.
  4. Reports - Reports have become more informative with all the necessary analytics.