How do I read reports?

This 360 Feedback Report consolidates inputs from multiple sources, i.e., managers, direct reports, peers, clients/customers, etc., and gives you a comprehensive picture of your perceived behaviors at work. It provides multiple perspectives that can help you shape your development journey.

In the report, you will find the following information:


The summary page gathers the feedback, provides crucial insights on your strengths and growth opportunities, and serves as a foundation to plan for your development.

  • Strengths and Growth Opportunities: This is calculated based on the average of ratings received by others. The highest-rated items are listed under Strengths; these are the key categories that others appreciate. The lowest-rated items are areas where you have the potential to improve and hence, are listed under Growth Opportunities.
  • Hidden Strengths & Blindspots: Areas where you rate yourself lower than the average rating of others are your hidden strengths that you may have perceived otherwise. Areas, where you rate yourself higher than the average rating of others, are your potential blind spots. These are possible barriers that hinder your progress; therefore, you should prioritize them in your development plan.
  • Feedback Areas: This section helps you dig deeper into each category's key indicators by providing a detailed picture of the feedback given across different areas. 

The comments page displays the text-based inputs shared by the nominees for each category. You can view the feedback comments either across Feedback Areas or for each relationship type.

Key Indicators:
  • Hidden Strength - When the All rating is greater than or equal to 70 % of the rating scale and the difference between All and Self-rating is greater than or equal to 1
  • Potential Blindspot - When the All rating is less than 70% of the rating scale, and the difference between All and Self-rating is less than or equal to -1

Let's take an example of a 5-point rating scale:

  • 70% of this scale would be a rating of 3.5
  • If the average of others' ratings is 3 (which is lesser than 3.5), and if you have rated yourself a 4 (which means that the difference between All and Self-rating is -1), this will be a Potential Blindspot.
  • If the average of others' ratings is 4 (which is greater than 3.5), and if you have rated yourself a 3 (which means that the difference between All and Self-rating is 1), this will be a Hidden Strength.

Note: All means the average rating you have received by the nominees, excluding self-rating.

Based on the feedback given in each section, create a development plan and turn your 360 Feedback into desired results.