How do I give permission to other users to create and manage courses?

Admins can give permission to other users to create and manage the courses.

Follow the steps below to make a user a learning manager.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > User Management > Roles & Permissions

Step 2: Select Learning Manager from the left panel and click Assign role in the top right corner.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-07-13T204311.437.png

Step 3:  Select Users to assign permission to users subsequently. You can search and add as many users as you'd like. Click Groups to assign permission to a group(s) of users. Once done, click Save.Engagedly-Level-Up-Your-Work-Force_-_2022-07-13T204353.156.png

Step 4: All the added users can create and manage courses on their profiles now.

Create a new role with permission

Admins can also control the permissions by creating a new role with permissions and assigning the role to a specific user.

Step 1: Click NEW ROLE present on the top right corner of the page.Learning_manager1.png

Step 2: Add the name for the role and select the learning permissions for the new role.

Step 3: Click ADD to add the new role.Learning_manager7.png

Step 4: The new role with selected permissions is now created. Click +Assign role to assign the role to a user.Learning_manager4.png

Step 5: Search and select the user to assign the role and click Save.Learning_manager5.png

The new role with permission is now assigned to the user.Learning_manager6.png