Configure Goal Settings

Admin can configure the goal settings across the organization. Configure goals with settings to control the visibility of goals, enable reward points, goal alignment, and more.

The goal settings include the following:

Navigation: Settings > Goals > Settings.

Goal Visibility

Set the default goal visibility for all the users in the organization. The entire reporting hierarchy of the users can view their goals by default, which cannot be changed.

  • Select Everyone from the drop-down to allow everyone to view each other's goals in the organization.
  • Select Departments to make goals visible to the specific departments of the goal owner.
  • Select Business Units to make goals visible to the specific business units of the goal owner.
  • Select None to make goals visible only for the reporting hierarchy of the goal owner.
  • Select Enable users to edit the goal visibility to allow everyone to edit the visibility for their goals.

Enable Goal Status

  • Select Enable goal Status to enable goal status for all users.
    Goals are categorized into five statuses: Not Started, On Track, Behind, At Risk, and Achieved.
  • Select Enable automatic goal status change to update all goals automatically based on their progress.

Enable Top Level Goals and Alignment

  • Select Enable top level goals to display Business Unit, Department, and Organization goals. These goals cannot be created if top-level goals are disabled.
  • Select Enable Alignment to allow users to align their goals with other goals in the organization.

Enable Reward Points

  • Select Enable reward points for goals to award users with points on their goal progress and click Manage reward points.
  • Set the required goal progress % and the number of points awarded to all users and click SAVE. 
  • Admin can always edit or delete the existing rules and add more rules to manage reward points.
    Note: Reward points are accessible only if the Organization enables the Rewards module.

Enable Preset Goal Cycles

Enabling preset goal cycles allows employees to select a predefined goal cycle while creating a goal. 

  • Select Enable Present Goal Cycles to create predefined goal cycles.
  • Select Enable Custom Goal Cycles to allow employees to create customized goal cycles while creating goals.
  • Once the Preset Goal Cycles are enabled, the admin can Create and Manage Preset Goal Cycles

Enable Key Result to Goal Conversion

Converting a Key Result into a goal allows a combination of a goal and key results to contribute to a parent's goal.

  • Select Allow a combination of Key Results and Goals under a parent goal to allow users to convert existing Key Results into Goals.
  • Click SAVE to update goal settings.