Nudge Employees to Create IDP

Nudging employees to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is to remind and encourage them to create a plan for their personal and professional growth. By creating an IDP, the employees can set their own milestones for growth and development. IDP outlines employee's goals, skills, strengths, and areas for improvement.

To nudge individual employees:

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Growth > My Org.

Step 2: Select a user from the user's list.

Step 3: Click Nudge.

1-Jun-02-2023-10-49-04-1089-AMStep 4: Type your nudge message and click Send.


To nudge members without active IDP:

You can send reminder to the employees who have not considered or prioritized their professional development. Nudging employees without active IDP can help to raise awareness about the importance of ongoing learning and development, and encourage employees to take responsibility for their own growth.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Growth > Reports.

Step 2: Click the Members without Active IDP tab to view the members without active IDP.

7-Jun-02-2023-10-32-51-3815-AMStep 3: Click Nudge.

3-Jun-02-2023-10-30-09-8687-AMStep 4: Select the members you want to nudge.

Step 5: Type your nudge message and click Nudge.