Redeem the Custom Rewards

Employees can utilize their reward points to redeem custom rewards. The redemption of custom rewards serves as a way to acknowledge and appreciate employee's efforts and provide them with meaningful rewards to enhance their engagement within the organization.

To redeem custom rewards:

Step 1: Navigate to Home > Rewards > Redeem.

Step 2: Under the "Redeem" tab, switch the toggle button to Custom Rewards to view the available custom rewards in the organization.

Note: "Store" will be visible to users only if the organization has configured a reward partner, indicating the availability of store-based rewards.

1-May-31-2023-09-27-54-0267-AMStep 3: Click Redeem on the custom reward.

2-May-31-2023-09-27-54-1118-AMStep 4: Click Redeem on the confirmation pop-up.

Note: Once redeemed, you cannot revert/cancel the order. Ask your admin to decline your request.